Protection of personal data

On the processing and free movement of personal data by law no 677. - 2001.: AGM Eco Corporate KFT is obliged to provide a safe environment and tu use your data just for the mentiones purposes.

The "advertising, marketing and publicity" purpose register number is 31960.

The purpose of collecting data: To inform the users about their account at AGM Eco Corporate KFT, keeping them informed of the progress of their requests, evaluation of products, marketing, media, market research, statistics, monitoring customer behavior.

By creating an account you agree to accept that your data will make part of AGM Eco Corporate KFT's database and the mantioned company and its cooperating partners do activities with them such as: commercial activities, promotion of products and services, marketing, media, development, market research. You also agree that these data will be passed by AGM Eco Corporate KFT. After reading the general terms and conditions you noted that your legal rights are guaranteed, namely the right to information, the right of access to the data, the right to intervene, the right to oppose.

To the adress of the Az AGM Eco Corporate KFT (Ditrău, str. Pescarilor 21/A , 537090, Harghita county) you can send your signed request to exersise your mentioned rights.

The  Az AGM Eco Corporate KFT can notify the users about current offers, in monthly newsletter, can send them greetings, gift vouchers or other special messages.

The AGM Eco Corporate KFT is not supportink SPAM type messages. Whoever gave their email adress to AGM Eco Corporate KFT can ask anytime to remove it from the dadabase.

Also AGM Eco Corporate KFT can give your personal data to other companies which it has a partnership, but only based on their confidentiality agreement.

Your personal data can be provided based on legal requirements to the prosecution, police, court and other authorized personell.