Personal data protection


Welcome to our page!

We are happy to have you here and want to know more about our products. Because of that we will collect and process a few of your data. We want it to be clear what kind of data are we collecting and why so our suggestion is to continue reading!

The personal data processor number of AGM Eco Corporate KFT is: 31960. We are obliged by law to inform you regarded to your personal data.


What kind of data are we collecting / processing?

Most of the collected data can not identifies you directly, unless you give more specified data. Let's see them:

Data regarding to our website's traffic, such as:

  • IP-adress

  • operating system and its version, screen resolution, the type and version of the used browser

  • pages and stocks opened in the page

  • from where you entered to our page ( like by Google search or by clicking on Facebook link). Also keywords you've been using.

  • what time you!ve been searching and how long you have stayed

  • which internet service provider you used

  • which geographycal region you've been during the search (including locality)

  • illegal or unauthorized acces to the resources of the website

By Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager 

  • data regarded to age (only if you sign in with google account)

  • your interest and shopping preferances related to the site (only if you sign in with google account)

  • in the Javascript is active or not in the browser

  • which page you entered and left the site, also your searching path on it

  • what kind of device you used, like PC, tablet, mobile phone (in case of the last two the producer and device type)

Cookies which contains information about:

  • Unique identifier for your visit's session

  • is there is activ Javascript in your browser

  • If you signed in to our website with username\ password, in which case we will know your name, email adress, phone number, ID number, tax number (in case of a company), card number.

  • items put and removed from the bag

Offers throu newsletter in email whith the following informations:

  • Name and email adress 

  • Search history as the client of AGM Eco Corporate KFT 

Which are the goals of collecting and processing data?

Main reasons: 

Legitimate interest of the service provider are as it follows:

  • Constant maintenance and development of the site, monitoring the searches

  • Geographycal identification of the users by time interval and\or other criterias. Get to know which categories are the most popular

  • automation of the sells

  • improving the experience

  • market communication

Taking care of the site's stability and security; identifying unauthorized acces attempts.

Who is collecting and processing data?

Data regarded to sells amd newsletter are managed by AGM Eco Corporate KFT. They are clear personal data, stored bydedicated applications (accounting, billing, bidding softwaire) in the inner web of AGM Eco Corporate KFT.

In partnes chapter there are two positions:


Who else can access to the data?

By law data of commercial operations get to different government agencies. So if you buy our products, the data on the bill will get to specified government agencies who are entitled to collect and own them. In case of investigation we are obliget to provide personal or pseudonymized data.

Normally data can be given to partner companies, courier companies, financial service providers, insurance companies, which are subordinate to the same law as us.

we do our best to protect all the information.


What rights you have related to this data? 

We want you to be informed, because confidenciality is important to us too. So here are your rights:

  • Right to get informed - You can get information about your recorded personal data, also about the activities of the processing; write to usto the adress

  • Right of adjustment - you can add or fix your data; write to usto the adress

  • Right to delete data - you can delete data if using them wasn't legal, if they were used without your knowledge or just this is what you want. But we don't delete invoices, notices, fee invoices, receipts, orders. Write to usto the adress

  • Right to restrict processing - you can ask to restrict the processing if by your opinion your data is not right. Write to usto the adress

  • Right of objection - you can express your objection by processing your data, but in some cases it can inhibit us to serve you properly. Write to usto the adress

  • Right to transfer data - in some cases you can get your personal data, which you gave us or you can ask to forward then to an other provider. Write to usto the adress

  • Right to coplain - you can do it on the following adress: Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal), B-dul Gheorghe Magheru, nr.28-30, sector 1 Bucuresti, Romania.

  • Right to withdraw consent - The effects of this will only be valid for the future, pre-revocation processing will remain in effect.

  • You have the right to ask a copy of these data.