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Dear visitors

From 1965 until the 90s the state bakery has been operated in Gyergyóditró. Then the bakery was operated by BreadStar until it’s closure. In 2010 Ditrói Bakery took over and restarted the factory. The small rural bakery was run by a team of eight, who used recipes and methods from their grandmothers to produce traditional leavened peasant bread. Until 2016 the small bakery had 60 employees, today it employs more than 100 staff.

Due to the increase number of customers and growing sales to regional outlets, the factory had to expand and increase their parking facilities. The bakery is equipped with state of the art production line which has been a big help to the employees. However, our main point of view is to put into practice the traditional methods, namely the essential two-handed work. 

For many years our market network increased substantially. Our products can be found not only in all counties of the countryside, but also on the shelves of multinational companies.

The owners and the bakers work hard to reach prominent market results bringing the traditional methods to updating perfection, using healthy and quality base and enlarging the products continuously. We have about 35 different  types of bread and produce more than 8000 baked goods per day. Our baker's wares/pastries show the same increase.

The class of dried pastas takes an important place in our supply. They are also made of traditional methods exclusively quality and natural ingredients. In addition diabetic bread has an exceptional place too. We work continuously on new recipes with traditional flavours and making sure they stay healthy and of utmost quality.